Core Values

First Step

Our highest priority is to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’ of Jesus Christ. Even today, millions of lives have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. There are many major un reached People Groups with distinct social and cultural identities and languages . The Lord has enabled our prayer leaders to take the Gospel to these groups who live in the remote villages and towns. Every year God is adding believers to the BOT Fellowship. Today we have many vibrant House group among people groups.Every day many people conduct spiritual searches. Who are these people? They are people in crisis: facing loneliness, addictions, suicide, abuse, divorce, hopelessness

Second Step


When someone becomes a believer of Christ, they need support and information to help them grow in their faith.They are made disciple so that can make disciples.””EACH ONE TEACH ONE.””

Third Step

Once someone makes a decision, getting connected to Christ and the House church is key to growing stronger in their faith. B.O.T.Fellowship gives a new believer multiple ways to connect, both online and on the ground:

Balance of Truth Fellowship’s VISION is to reach the primary call to fulfill the Great Commission by planting healthy, reproducing prayer groups among the unreached peoples and by rising up indigenous leaders who eventually lead House church movements in each cultural or geographical group.

BOT’s goal is to go where none have gone before and establish Christ’s Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to birth and establish a House church movement saturating entire geographical and people group segments with self-propagating healthy House group, led by trained indigenous leaders. The Holy Spirit is helping us to establish many prayer groups in several parts of India,