PARTNERING WITH Balance of Truth Fellowship

We need your partnership in pray for the work, you can help us by praying for this ministry. God is moving mightily. Every year hundreds of people are added to the House churches. Yet there are lives today who have still never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.
Our vision to reach the with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through training,equipping, and supporting church planting native workers this would not be possible without your help.

Your help can make a difference and be done from where you are!
King David said to his followers, “The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike.” – 1 Sam.30.24

When BOT workers reap the harvest by bringing thousands of lives to Christ you can share the same reward right where you are.


God deeply loves millions of souls in India who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. His desire is to bring all peoples back to Himself as their Redeemer (Ps. 86:9-10). God is not willing that any should perish, and one day representatives from every people group on earth will join the multitudes bringing honor and glory to Him and to the Lamb (Rev. 7:9-10). The LORD is looking for intercessors that are willing to stand in the gap for India and pray for the Kingdom of God to come in every ones life (Ezek.22:30).

Can you be that intercessor?

Please Keep praying for the native workers who toil amidst difficult circumstances in fields every day!
Intercede for the millions of people who have never heard the message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ!

Please stay up-to-date with what is happening in the field so that you can pray effectively for native workers and unreached people groups.

Help us to Buy/Print Gospel Literature         

Gospel literature is desperately needed. You can help by purchasing Gospel literature or perhaps a Bible. Gospel CD/SD Card cost only $10. A native language Bible can be purchased for only $30. We can put a Bible and Gospel literature into the hands of a person who is longing to know God’s truth.

Help a Trainee

It is vital for BOT to invest in training church leaders and House group leaders. Your help in this area will help enable those called to attend College. Many young people want to attend College and training but are prevented from doing so because of lack of finance. You can support a trainee with $100 a month.

Support a worker

Your help enables us to send out workers to unreached villages. $100  a month will provide for a missionary’s financial and ministerial needs. In order to bring in a great harvest of souls, our newly trained missionaries need your help.

Books for College library 

Balance of Truth Fellowship’s training centers desperately need book resources like reference books, commentaries, dictionaries and theological monographs for teaching and studying the Bible. You can help our libraries by donating books or by sponsoring to order books that are relevant for our training centers.

Sponsor a Child

Have the opportunity to help a child overcome illiteracy. You can sponsor a child by sending $25 every month. You will receive a picture and personal information of a needy child you sponsorship

Ministry tools 

You can help equip our workers to be more effective by providing tools like films and CD player, electricity generators, video projectors bicycles, scooters, etc. If God is prompting you to help provide a tool please write to us.