Vision Tours

You can serve with BOT Fellowship by committing yourself to start House Church.!

Vision Tours

Vision tours are intended to develop a heart for the nation, You will meet people and see places that you never dreamt you would! It is a opportunity to see how God is moving. The vision tours are led by our ministry staff. There will be a translator available from our ministry if needed.

You will experience the hospitality of the poor, learn about their social and economic realities, and be inspired by their spirituality. Accommodations will be simple but comfortable. You will enjoy cultural presentations. Most of all, you will experience the smiles, love and gratitude of the people.

Short Term Missions Short-term mission trips are for two to four weeks. You’ll spend time and its culture, living, learning and working alongside those in the local Christian community. You’ll be involved in House church and social action initiatives like, children’s home and health and hygiene projects. You’ll get opportunities to share your testimony in the village congregations. What you need is a sincere commitment to want to serve God in another culture, just as you have been serving Him in your own church.

Medical Teams If you are a medical professional, you can join one of our medical teams. These teams typically work for an 8-12 days’ period, you will bring hope and health to hundreds who lack basic health facilities. Villages in India do not have these facilities, so you will be involved in bringing health care in these communities.

Elementary Schools BOT has a goal to open elementary schools that admit children from all sections of society. Our vision is to bring quality education to the common people. Many children have to walk almost 10 miles to go to the nearest school. Given the motivation and opportunity of going to school, these children could develop vocational skills enabling their families to break out of the cycle of poverty forever. You can be part of this great mission.

Orphanages Assist to start orphanages, teaching songs, do ministry through drama, music, mime, skits, puppetry and helping these children.

Intercessory Prayer Join our intercessory prayer teams and pray for a breakthrough in the villages, towns and cities.

House Church movement Every effort made by our native worker contributes towards the goal of planting local House prayer group. BOT Fellowship Vision is to start 2000 prayer groups.

Bible Schools/Library/Office You can teach music, assist in the library; work with computers, assist administrative staff.